Leave no destructive trace

(photo of painting on van at Sueños de Libertad Festival 2018)
why are we here, where do we come from and where are we going? I experienced these mysteries as a baundless void that only with practice I evolved to not fear:
 I went from panicking in the solitude of the void and the fear of the always present death,  to feeling comfortable with the totality of the unknown, the uncertain… the inconceible universe that we all are!
Why are we here, where do we come from and where are we going?
I Cannot answer such questions with a rational mind but I discovered that the panicking came from the rational mind:  the  “negative” thoughts that seem so logical in the construction of my own reality. A reality that was only true to myself! and re-learned that “we’re in fact our worst enemies”!
who am I, who are you? This is something you can decide and is the opportunity of inner evolution which lies in the path of acomplishing your goals, or in other words, in the path of daily life!
Per example, if we Climb up a mountain leaving behing trash, plastics, etc. Going up without enjoying the way because what only matters is to get to the top!! and then we celebrate on the top of the mountain the kick of “I did it”!! This kick will last as long as your conciousness is evolved/(aware of the totality)! on the contrary, if you are aware, living the present at every moment of the path the best way for you and for the environment, you´re kickin’ it and when you get to the top you will be still kickin´it as you will be still kickin´it when you go down the mountain and the day after, until kickin´it becames a priority in your life and even when a problem comes around you´ll solve it with a kickin´it actitude!
If you were to die righ now, would you will happy with the way you acted today?
Does going to the top of the mountain makes you a better person, or a superior person? no, but the way you decide to do it,  it does make a difference for all/everything and everyone!
Be responsable for your actions (this includes thoughts),
leave not destructive trace.

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