High Art contest

This year I entered the High Art contest sponsored by Natural Cannabis and Juxtapoz. I’m stoked with the theme of this year «Freedom» and having so much fun doing the art! Here I leave you some of the designs and story behind it…

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree copia

Grow Free is the theme, within the theme of Freedom, that I have chosen due to the current global laws and rooted fake beliefs. It is a shame that alcohol (which only harms health) is legal and Marihuana, which is far greater substance that can help with diseases such as cancer or parkinson and yet is illegal…  I have chosen the Eagle because it’s a great symbol of the United States and in history appears many times as a symbol representing strength, dominance and salvation. I was inspired on the Eagle that appears on the one dollar bill and instead of giving the message of “all for one” , “out of many, one”, or “one from many” (in Latin “Pluribus Unum”), my eagle carries “Crescere Liberum» (in Latin Grow Free). On the background I painted the flower of life because I feel that is the symbol of connectivity of All…


I give this creation the significance of freedom, liberation… the righ of every individual to Grow Free physically and spiritually and of course Grow Free everything that comes from nature!

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree2 copia

I did 4 series of the Eagle for this contest (this is the 4th), the idea is an Eagle made of cannabis, the feathers are weed leaves, the body weed´s flowers… (GrowFree is an acrylic painting on Wood, 50x35cm; Growfree 2 and 3 are a handmade collage, and GrowFree 4 is a collage made with photoshop on top of the previous painting).

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree2018Click Here to see all the participants and you can vote which is much appreciated 🙂


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