High Art contest

This year I entered (once again!) the High Art contest sponsored by Natural Cannabis and Juxtapoz (awesome magazine by the way!). I’m stoked with the theme of this year “Freedom” and having so much fun doing the art! Here I leave you some of the designs and story behind it… I’m working now on:

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree copia

Grow Free is the theme, within the theme of Freedom, that I have chosen due to the current global laws and rooted fake beliefs. It is a shame that alcohol (which only harms health) is legal and Marihuana, which is far greater substance that can help cure diseases such as cancer or parkinson and yet is illegal… It is a shame that we grow up in a world with religious beliefs or political parties with discriminatory intentions such as racism, nationalism, etc., beliefs that tare humanity apart instead of guiding it to a higher consciousness finding the truth of our connectivity… I have chosen the Eagle because it´s a great symbol of the United States and in history appears many times as a symbol representing strength, dominance and salvation. I was inspired on the Eagle that appears on the one dollar bill and instead of giving the message of “all for one” , “out of many, one”, or “one from many” (in Latin “Pluribus Unum”), my eagle carries “Grow Free” (in Latin Crescere Liberum). On the background I painted the flower of life because I feel that is the symbol of connectivity of All…

… our planet and humanity are living the movie of All movies, a movie of love, horror, drama, science fiction and of course this makes History (a heavy bag of more of the same)… how wonderful to live a peaceful loved movie where Oneselves grows free!


I give this creation the significance of freedom, liberation… the righ of every individual to Grow Free physically and spiritually and of course Grow Free everything that cames from nature!

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree2 copia

“Where love reigns, there are no need of laws” (Platón)

I did 4 series of the Eagle for this contest (this is the 4th), the idea is an Eagle made of cannabis, the feathers are weed leaves, the body weed´s flowers… (GrowFree is an acrylic painting on Wood, 50x35cm; Growfree 2 and 3 are a handmade collage, and GrowFree 4 is a collage made with photoshop on top of the previous painting)

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree2018Click Here to see all the participants and you can vote which is much appreciated 🙂

ZeffPelaez-GrowFree.2018Thank you


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